The fog settles in…

slide-0October is my favorite month.  Perhaps it is the bright, blue autumn skies, or the crisp fall air, or maybe it is because my twin and I will celebrate another year on this earth.  Today as I look out my window, the blue skies, if there, are far outside my field of vision because all I see is a deep fog that has settled in.  But that is all right, because I know that eventually the sun will shine again.

Today we are looking at Proverbs 8 and we see that wisdom and understanding cry out to us to be heard.  Is anyone listening?  When I look at the state of our country I think of the folk song by Pete Seeger from the ’60’s, “Where have all the flowers gone,” but I substitute the word wisdom and hear these strains:  Where has all the wisdom gone, long time passing, where has all the wisdom gone, long time ago, where has all the wisdom gone, gone to graveyards everyone, when will we ever learn, when will we ever learn?

Here I am again, talking about the two most taboo subjects (don’t ever bring up politics or religion in a group) and both in the same topic.  For those of you who know me well, politics and religion are interrelated for me.  My political beliefs are a direct extension of my religious beliefs, and therefore they are not easily separated.  I have a question that pertains directly to wisdom. How did we, as a nation, stray so far from the wisdom of our forefathers?  Why do our judges and courts and legislators and president fail to understand that the separation of church and state was not to protect the state from the church, but to protect the people from being told by the state who, and how, and where to worship?  How did we move from a people who are independent and strong to a people who can’t get a job because then they would lose their “benefits” (Medicaid).  How do we help those who truly cannot help themselves without aiding those who just don’t want to work?  How do we help those who are slaves to alcohol or drugs gain their freedom, escape their lives on the streets, and become acclimated to  mainstream America?  Or am I still living in the 1960’s and there is no more mainstream America?

Each believing American citizen should get down on their knees and pray like they have never prayed before for wisdom from on high.  Proverbs 8:11 says wisdom is more precious than rubies.  V15 says by wisdom rulers make laws that are just.  Do you see any justice in America?  This land that I have loved since my youth is quickly becoming a land I no longer recognize as home. How do we stop the erosion of our freedoms, of our way of life?  Again, I say, drop to your knees.  Plead for mercy on behalf of this great country, plead for wisdom, not just for yourself but for the entire population that we would have the courage to replace our current leaders with those who are God-fearing, God-following men and women who want only the best for our country.

Prov. 8:22 says wisdom was the first of God’s works.  Do you see how important that is?  Love was not the first, grace was not the first, mercy was not the first–no, wisdom was the first of God’s works, from the beginning, before the world began.  Prov. 8:32 says, “blessed are those who keep my ways.”  God, our father, I pray that we turn from our wicked ways, away from abortion, away from greed, away from pride, and that we humble ourselves before you and seek out wisdom.  May we find wisdom and life and receive favor from You once again.  Light_Overpowers_the_Dark

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