Wisdom and Folly issue invitations–whose call will you heed?

I am a mocker.  Bad news for someone attempting to entrench herself in Proverbs.

I mock Larry when he trips over his own feet; I mock politicians with whom I disagree; I even mock myself when I try to speak with both feet in my mouth.  But I am also a seeker of wisdom.  I seek wisdom through prayer, through reading the Scriptures, through reading books by spiritual leaders.  My enjoyment of mockery has its place in my life, as does my search for wisdom.  While the book of Proverbs considers both qualities as mutually exclusive, I see them as occupying two distinct arenas in my life.

Mockery provides an opportunity for fun whereby I use just a little bit of sarcasm and teasing to lighten the atmosphere of those around me.  Wisdom is a solitary path for me, for I seek to increase my learning, expand my knowledge and thereby allow God to continue to mold me into His image.  Prov 9:8 warns against rebuking a mocker for the result will be he will hate you.  But for me, if I go too far in my mockery I want to be rebuked so that I can climb to the pathway of knowledge and be renewed and enlightened.  May I always bend my will to yours, Oh God, and may I seek discipline whenever I go astray.

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