I just keep trusting the Lord….

Praise God, I think I see a sliver of sunshine.  Proverbs 7 warns again of adultery.  Can you tell I am growing weary of this subject? However, I love verse 4.  After encouraging the young man to follow the commands and store them up within him, he is told to, “say to wisdom, ‘you are my sister,’ and call understanding your kinsman.”  Here is the key to right living.  Seek after wisdom and understanding, make them a part of you, a member of your family. Do not depart from the teaching you have received.

Again, we see that nothing good comes from straying from God’s laws.  Adultery destroys individuals, families, and even worse our souls are damaged irreparably.  Is adultery unpardonable?  No.  Forgiveness asked is forgiveness received.  But you can never recover the innocence that was lost, or fully repair the lives torn apart.  I thing this is the reason the theme of adultery is so prevalent in Proverbs.  Turning away from sin is always the better course.  Seeking holiness is always the wisest choice.

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