A Tribute to Mothers

A Tribute to Mothers

How often did your mother soothe you to sleep?
How often did she pray, “The Lord your soul to keep”?
How many times did she lay awake,
listening for any sound you might make?

How many times did she rock you in her arms
vowing to protect you from all harm?
How many ways did she show you her love
which was a reflection of God above?

How many ways did she guide you through life
and teach you to bear up under the strife?
Was she mentor, coach, teacher and guide,
protector, defender, walked with you side by side?

It matters not if your mother gave birth to you
or she chose you and then stayed your whole life through.
It matters not if she was your grandmother, your aunt or a friend,
what matters is her faithfulness to the end.

A mother may be known by many names
but when she hears your voice her heart inflames.
For there is nothing sweeter to a mother’s ear
than to hear the words, “I love you, Mother dear.”

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