The Last Note

The Last Note
In memory of Vance Burton (Burt) Finch

When the last note on the piano
has played and faded away,
when the last song has been sung
and the last “Amen” prayed

I will still be in your memories, in
your hearts and in your lives,
for the bond we share between us
will most certainly survive.

You will see me in the flowers,
the first bloom of the Spring,
and you will hear me in the gospel songs
I taught you how to sing.

And if you feel that you must cry for me,
let the tears be sparse and few,
for I have bowed before the throne, my dears,
and reunited with my own, my dears,

and now I am finally home, my dears
and I’ll be waiting here for you.

Today we said goodbye to Burt Finch. It is such an honor for me to do one final act of love and kindness as I preach the sermon honoring a life that mattered. May we each walk alongside Burt as he walks with Jesus.

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