Turning Your Ear to Wisdom

1 My son,  if you accept my words  and store up my commands within you,  
2 turning your ear to wisdom  and applying your heart to understanding  —  
3 indeed, if you call out for insight  and cry aloud for understanding,  
4 and if you look for it as for silver  and search for it as for hidden treasure,  
5 then you will understand the fear of the  Lord  and find the knowledge of God.  
6 For the  Lord  gives wisdom;  from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.  

Before I had my son, I went into a nesting phase where I was almost obsessive about getting his room ready.  I stored diapers, formula, clothing—all things baby. It has been just the two of us for a long time now, but I still want to make sure there is food in the pantry and clothes in the closet—thankfully we are not yet to the point of storing diapers, but if that day comes I’ll just try to be grateful I’ve lived that long.

Today’s scripture tells us we are to store up God’s commands, turning our ears to wisdom and applying our hearts to understanding.  After years of not memorizing scripture, I have tried to reinvigorate my efforts.  Alas, I have found memorization is now elusive and the best I can do is paraphrase.

For the past week I have been on vacation with my husband and friends, and I did not take my computer.  I read my daily verse on my phone, but I did not spend time reflecting on the verse, praying, and then writing down my thoughts.  Some might think I am being legalistic in trying to read from Scripture each day, but I find that when I do not take the time to at least dip into God’s Word, my spirit suffers.  I tend to be more critical, less loving and less forgiving.  I tend to be more me-centered and less God-centered.

Proverbs tells us we are to look for wisdom as if we were looking for silver, and it is then we will understand the fear of the Lord and find wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Do you want understanding?  Then seek after wisdom as though it is the most precious of all treasures, because it is.

PRAYER:  Our Father, we pray that in this world where there are so many distractions, that we would be able to keep our eyes upon you, that we would understand our days are a gift from you—may we give back a portion of each day to you, and may you increase our knowledge of you and draw us to you.  Amen



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