God is so awesome!

This morning, I wrote about our worth to God.  I had read the Luke scripture about the sparrows and how much God loves each one, had a wonderful prayer time, and then wrote down my thoughts.

I volunteer at our church on Thursdays, and when I noticed “His Eye is on the Sparrow” will be one of our songs this Sunday, I was amused.  Then, a young woman came in and with tears in her eyes said she did not know where to turn.  Her story of abuse was almost more than I could bear, and I saw her as a wounded sparrow that needed a special touch from God. 

Because I spent time with God this morning, He had filled me to overflowing with His love and His joy, and praise God I was able to share that love and joy with this young woman.  I told her how much God loves her.  She said she felt worthless.  I assured her that God placed such a high worth upon her that He sent His only son to die in her place.  She said she felt her sins were too great.  I told her I had never seen anything in the Bible that said Jesus died for all of our sins except the ones we thought were too great.

We cried together and prayed together.  I hope she accepts my invitation to come to church on Sunday.  I hope she seeks help to escape her situation.  I hope she reads the Bible we gave her.  I hope she can hang on in spite of her circumstances and give God a chance to work a miracle in her life.  I hope, I pray, and I believe that God is wrapping His arms around this young woman, and that He will place people in her path who will love her and encourage her.


  1. thoughtsfromanamericanwoman

    I will pray with you for this young lady….Patty

  2. robind333

    What a wonderful testimony! To God Be The Glory and keep this young lady safe. May God’s love surround her and keep her until she can feel his presence. May she be lifted up by all who are put in her path daily. May she open God’s word and become a believer. In Jesus name I pray….Robin

    • Amen, Robin. Thank you for your prayers.

      • robind333

        Your very welcome…anytime…Many, many blessings to you…Robin

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