We lost a friend today

Today, a good and godly man went to be with our Lord.  He was a friend to many, and a mentor to many more as an educator at the University of Arkansas School of Pharmacy.  Dr. Gene Pynes worked until the day he died, and he will be sorely missed.  I don’t normally include poems within my “Seeking Holiness” page, relegating them instead to the “How about a poem” page.  But for Gene, I am making an exception.

We lost a friend today

for Dr. Gene Pynes, 4/18/2010

Gene was gentle, kind
and loving.

We lost a friend today.

Gene had a quirky sense
of humor,
always laughing at his own jokes.

We lost a comic today.

Gene had a penetrating vision
of the Scriptures,
inerrant in his understanding and depth.

We lost a scholar today.

Gene was a unique individual,
a man who studied hard, taught well,
and worked until the day he died.

We lost a role model today.

And today, even as we mourn,
we know, we are assured,
that Heaven gained a champion today.

©2010  Carol J. Grace

I wrote the following poem as I left Darrell Dover’s memorial service in 2009.  Although this poem was not written for Gene, I hope all who loved him and will miss him will be comforted.  cjg

Don’t Cry for Me

When the slender thread that ties
me to this earth is severed,
my soul finally will be free
and when I am untethered

I will reach heights that until now
had been beyond my grasp
and surrounded by the light of God

I know that I will clasp
the hand of Jesus as my loved
ones wait to greet me.
I will walk among those gone before

as all of heaven turns out to meet me.
I know you will miss my presence,
and I will miss you, too.
Do not be sad and forlorn, my love,

I will be reunited with you.

But until God is ready to call for you
and your face again I see,
know that I am finally home,
my dear, don’t cry for me.

2009 Carol J. Grace  All Rights Reserved

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