’twas the day after Christmas

‘Twas the day after Christmas
and all through the house,
there was peace, joy and thanksgiving,
neither one of us groused,
for we were glad to be home
resting in our own bed
with Zoe, Chloe and Herc by our side
and finally out of our sled.
We gave thanks for the birth
of Jesus our King,
and sang the final few carols
while we piled up boxes to fling
to the trash, to be carried away
while the treasures we received
would be enjoyed day after day.
We were glad to be with family,
but happy to be home, too,
where we stayed in our pajamas
drinking coffee and eating fresh fruit.
And as we washed clothes from our trip
and tried to put our house right,
we said, “Next year, Christmas in Florida,
if my swim suit is not too tight!”

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