World Overcomer

Watching the Florida/Alabama game,  I noticed Tim Tebow has a Bible scripture taped across his face.   John 16:33, which in essence says that in this world we will have trouble, but be not dismayed, because Christ has come to overcome the trouble of the world and through Him we can be world overcomers.  What a great promise and what a great testimony!

I don’t watch nearly as much football as my husband.  I had, of course, heard of Tim Tebow because he won the Heisman Award a couple of years ago, winning against Darrin McFadden from Arkansas.  But what I did not know is that he often wears scripture while playing football.

When was the last time you shared your testimony with someone else?  How did you share your love of God?  Was it by passing out a tract with Scripture?  Probably not–I haven’t seen anyone do that in years, but I think we should start the practice anew. Did you share your story with another over a cup of coffee?  Or did you take someone a bag of groceries who would have gone hungry otherwise?

We pass up opportunities every day to share the gospel, but the good news is, there will be another opportunity tomorrow.  Will you take it?

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