We have found the Messiah

Mary Calls Out RabboniI read John 1:41 where Andrew tells his brother Simon Peter, “We have found the Messiah,” and I am filled with awe and wonder. Andrew had been a follower of John the Baptist who had identified Jesus as the Lamb of God. Andrew immediately called Jesus Rabbi, which means teacher, and followed Him. Not only did he follow Jesus, he told his brother so that he, too, could become a follower.

Why are we so hesitant in our faith to ask others to join us in this journey of discipleship? Are we afraid of rejection, or of ridicule? Rejection and ridicule should be the least of our worries as we sojourn the pathway of righteousness. There was an urgency in those who followed the Christ when Jesus walked upon the earth. Father, may we feel the same urgency today, 2000 years later. May we be filled with the Holy Spirit so that we have a boldness to declare to others, “We have found the Messiah.”

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