Where is wisdom found?

We at Asbury UMC have begun meeting again on Wednesday nights for food, fellowship, Bible studies, and a special speaker each week addressing community and social needs.  I am increasingly enjoying these Wednesday nights.  I attend the series on Growing your Faith, which reveals to us the very foundations of the Christian faith.  I find myself more and more drawn to the Standing Stones which stand as monuments to our faith, and am in awe that Jesus would use me as a Living Stone to mark the continuation of the faith.

Prov 15:1 begins by telling us that a gentle answer turns away wrath.  Would that I could grasp that truth, meditate upon it, make it a part of my DNA.  Instead, I tend to want to persuade others of my point of view, validating MY opinions and turning you from yours.  God is saying repeatedly “Be gentle, be wise, speak words of healing, heed correction, be righteous, seek knowledge” and we continue on in our foolish ways.

Prov 15:8 warns that the Lord detests the sacrifice of the wicked.  When will we learn we cannot live any way we want, and then win God’s favor through meaningless sacrifices?  When will we as individuals and as a nation drop to our knees before the Living God and plead for mercy that we might be spared the judgment sure to come?

heartProv 15:13-15 talks about a cheerful heart.  Do you know what makes my heart cheerful?  Being immersed in God’s word brings joy bubbling up from the depths of my heart and literally bursts forth from my lips.  Being with my children and grandchildren brings me joy, and makes my heart cheerful.  Being among God’s people at Asbury makes my heart cheerful and strengthens my faith and my service.

If you find your heart is not cheerful, take a close look at your habits.  Do you take the time to spend a part of the morning with the Lord before you begin your day?  Are you in close contact with your family, friends, and church?  If your circumstances are such that you can find no cheer in your daily living, then call your church or community organization and find somewhere you can volunteer.  I guarantee you there are multitudes of people in worse shape than you.  When you reach out to help others, Jesus will restore the joy to your heart–remember, Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last.  Keeping your priorities in the right order will bring wisdom, healing and joy.

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