It’s Friday, but Sunday is coming

It’s Friday but Sunday’s Coming

By Carol Grace

It is in the darkest of the

midnight that we truly need

the light, something

that we can use to find our

way, to lead us forward into

a day where we are free of trouble, free

of woes, after we are dealt yet

another of life’s blows, what

can we do, where can we turn

when we have no choice

in the events that churn

about us, leaving us heartsick

and dejected, what can be done

after we have objected to

life spinning out of control,

leaving only chaos and despair,

to whom can we go?

When the free will God gave us

is no longer free, but bends

to the will of others, where does

that leave you and me?

It’s Friday, but Sunday is coming is

the simple refrain, that keeps rolling

over and over in my brain, so I grasp

tightly this hope, that tomorrow will be

brighter and happier if we only believe,

that God is the Author and Finisher of our

faith, that this, too, shall pass, this

heartache will eventually abate.

It’s Friday, but Sunday is coming.

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